Lithium Batteries for your Golf Cart

357 Golf Carts offers a full range of service options.

Looking for Batteries for your golf cart, Rv, or Solar setup?


We stock 6, 8, and 12 Volt Batteries.
The 2 Major Brands we carry are US Battery and Trojan.
Trojan T-105 (6 Volt)
Trojan T-875 (8 Volt)
Trojan T-1275 (12 Volt)
US 2200 (6Volt)
US 8VGC (8 Volt)
US VRX (12 Volt)
We also can install the batteries with new cables!!!
We also offer battery service with our state of the art Xtender battery machine that can load test, do a run time, and desulfer your current battery pack.


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