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4 seater with flip seat

Just Refurbished Ez-Go 2014 Rxv 48 Volt Golf Cart.
This is the model with the AC Drive System that allows the cart
to go up to 22 mph and still have lots of power for hilly areas.
We have taken this cart down to the frame and built back up.
We have installed Brand New A-arms, Bushings, Motor Brake, Rear Bearings and so much more.
Also Installed:
Brand New Factory Body (Not a cheap paint job)
Brand New 14″ Rims and 23″Low Profile Tires
Brand New LED Light Kit with turn signals, brake lights, horn
Brand New OEM Black Roof, Windscreen, 5 way mirror
Brand New Power Meter in the dash, Retractable seat belts for 4
Brand New Rear Flip Seat With New 2 Tone Upholstery
We have also DC/DC voltage reducer to reduce the 48-volt to 12 volts to run all of your accessories. Connects to entire battery pack instead of just one batteries, which improves the life of the batteries.
Brand New Batteries and Cables also comes with a factory charger.
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